Note I am copyright aware, the majority is permission free,
but I have gotten a few through groups.
If these are your's please let me know so I can credit you
or take if off my site, Thank You ;0)

This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP 9 (I used 9 but can be done in any version)
Animation Shop
Plugins/Filters None
Tube of choice
I used the Beautiful Artwork by © Suzanne Woolcott
Click HERE to Purchase
her license tubes at her new site...she is no longer with AMI
Font of Choice (I used BlackBeard OpenType, sorry paid font)
To find similar fonts look for Typewriter Style Fonts
My Supplies: OPEN ZIP 1 / OPEN ZIP 2
The Old Bethpage Photo is ©AngelAD, supplies also contain
Envelope and Doodle by *Melissa
*Note this tutorial was written before she changed her TOU and her site.
Tutorial writers was given permission that we did not have to
change our tuts we had already done with the supplies included.

Thank You ;0)

Let's Get Started:

Please be sure to SAVE Frequently and NAME your Layers
Resize all layers to your liking

•Open up New Image Size 650 x 650, flood fill white.
•Open-up SE_Envelope and paste as a new layer, 1st the bottom (the
triangle), and paste the top part of the envelope, and separate just a bit:
Triangle going upwards and bottom of envelope going downwards. Give it
a Drop Shadow of 0/0/55/6.2/Black
•Add the index card that comes with the envelope paste as a new layer, go to Image;
Mirror (refer to my tag for placement)
•Copy and Paste your Photo as a new layer. Go to Images - Free Rotate -
Right - Free at 8.00 - click ok, and hide this layer for now. Go to index card layer,
Selections All - Float - Defloat and back to your photo layer unhide and
reduce size if necessary and position. Invert and delete.
•Go back to your index card layer - Go to Selections - Select All - Float -
Defloat - Modify - Contract 6 then invert and on your Layers - Promote Selection
then Selections None. Add a new raster layer on top of the
promoted selection layer and flood fill with a complimentary color of your choice
and hide. Go back to your promoted selecton layer and Select All - Float -
Defloat, back to your flood fill layer, unhide, invert, delete.

Note you can delete the index card and the promoted border layer,
this leaves you with the photo and flood filled border,
or you can just hide it for a duplicate if needed later for an error.

•On your flood filled border frame duplicate this 4 times and name each layer
Frame1, 2, 3 and 4 (see my preview below)...Hide all layers underneath
the 4 borders, then go back to Frame1 using the magic wand:
tolerance 20, No feathering, I want you to click inside the border frame
Selections - Modify - Expand by 2. Now go to cutout with the settings of:
V3/H3/Opacity 60/Blur 6.2/Shadow Color black/Uncheck Fill Interior with Color,
keep selected and move onto Frame2 repeat the steps except giving it a
V-3/H-3, Selections None, Unhide your layers.
•Bring Frame3 underneath Frame1 giving it a Drop Shadow of:
•Frame4 should be on top of all your Frames, so your layers should
have so far...Working from the bottom to the top layer:

The White filled background
The Triangle portion of the envelope
The Bottom portion of the envelope
The Photo
The 4 Border Frames

•Now it's time to copy and paste as a new layer your Elements: I added apples,
the squirrel, the bunny, the basket of apples, the tube.
I gave the Tube a Drop Shadow of:
2/4/50/6.2 then again 0/1/35/4/black

Also I gave the Squirrel, Bunny, Basket of Apples and the Tube a
Free Rotate - Right - Free 8.00, click OK.
These elements are placed above the Photo Layer, and underneath the
four frame borders.
•Open-up Large Leaf and click on White Background layer, then copy and
paste leaf as a new layer.
•Open-up Melissa's Doodle Art copy and paste as a new layer then duplicate,
go back to the original doodle: Image - Mirror, on the duplicate doodle:
Image Mirror - Image flip...Position to your liking.

•Here's the tricky part - I want you to open-up Autumn Leaves Orange and as
you can see there are 5 layers...click on Leaf1 copy and paste as a
new layer and back to your tag above all your elements but below the 4
Border Frames, repeat these steps with the remaining 4 layers and Hide
Layers Leaf 2,3,4,5...Leaving Leaf1 Open.

•Add your Copyright
•Add your Name...if you are using BlackBeard Font - Color Black -Text Size 55 -
All Caps - Sharp - Kern 25 - Lower Opacity to 82 - Overlay
This style font is under the category of Typewriter


•Now I want you to click on the 1st Layer mine is Frame 4 (make sure
all Leaf layers 2, 3, 4, and 5 are hidden and Leaf1 is open), Merge Visible -
Copy Merged and paste into AS as a New Animation.
Go Back to PSP click the UNDO arrow icon and hide Leaf1 and open
Leaf2, again (with Frame 4 still highligted) Merge Visible - Copy Merged
and back into AS Paste After Current Frame.
Repeat these steps for the remaining leaf layers.

•In AS I want you to click on your 1st Frame -
Ctrl A - (to select all) Frame Properties 25
Open wolf2.gif - Click on 1st Frame - Ctrl A - Frame Properties 20 -
Copy - Go Back to Your Tag and on the Menu Bar Edit Paste Into Selected
Frame, refer to my tag for placement. Click on your Preview Icon, if all looks
good save animation by clicking on the Save icon on the menu bar and give
your tag a name.
•Optimize - click on customize, 255 octree - Error Diffusion in customize
then click on Optimization tab and check Write Minimal frames - Collapse
Identical frames - Map Identical Pixels, click ok...You're Done ;0)

Here is my preview to "How I Name My Layers"

Top Layers Preview Bottom Layers Preview

I hope you enjoyed my 1st tutorial. Please feel free to contact me.
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This Tutorial was written on November 16, 2007
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
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