Welcome to My 2nd Tutorial

Note I am new at writing tutorials and I am copyright aware,
the majority of embellishments is permission free, but I have gotten
a few through groups. If any embellishments are your's please let me
know so I can credit you or take if off my site, Thank You ;0)

This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSP (I used X2 but can be done in any version)
Animation Shop
Plugins/Filters None
Tube of choice
I used the Beautiful Artwork by ©Dean Yeagle
Click HERE to Purchase
a License to use his Artworks
I used Santa's Sleigh Full Bold, you can get HERE
My Supplies: OPEN ZIP 1 / OPEN ZIP 2
The Card Frame, Curtain and the two Rugs is ©AngelAD,
supplies also contain:
Snow Drift Window, Window and Seat by Lori
Holly Ribbon, Calligraphy Pens, Christmas Teddies, Scroll by
Rainbow Coffi
Thank You ;0)

Let's Get Started:

Please be sure to SAVE Frequently and NAME your Layers

•Open Card Frame resize at 85 percent.
•Open Snow Drift Window Frame and merge together, copy and paste as
a new layer onto the Card Frame, resize at 65 percent, bring over to the right side
of the Card Frame (refer to mine) and colorize Hue 154 / Saturation 111
Give the Snow Drift Window Frame a Drop Shadow:
0/0/15/4/color #001281 and again 1/2/40/4/#202020
•Copy and paste photo as a new layer and bring underneath
the window frame resize at 75 percent and sharpen.
•Copy and paste curtain as a new layer, resize at 75 percent,
colorize: Hue 154/ Saturation 111, a Drop Shadow:
1/2/40/2/#001281 and again 0/-2/40/2/#001281
•Copy and paste Window Seat on top of the Curtain layer
resize at 70 percent, colorize Hue 154 / Saturation 111
Drop Shadow: 0/0/50/6.2/Black

Take the point to point tool and go around the cushioned seat cover
add a new raster layer and flood fill with pattern Elfpl08.bmp -
Selections None. Drop Shadow: 1/140/4/#202020
and on your layer palette Multiply, then layers - merge down the
pattern onto the window seat tube.

Take your magic wand tolerance 20 and click on the front panel of the window
seat (avoiding the doors). Go to Effects - Texture - Grain Long -
Click OK - Selections None.
Next step: Take your magic wand tolerance 20 hold down your shift key
click on both panel doors (the beveled part of the doors) go to Selections -
Modify - Expand 1 (making sure the handles have marching ants around it)
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with the same pattern Elfpl08.bmp pattern
Selections None, give it a Drop Shadow:
0/0/50/5/#001281 and again 0/0/40/3/#001281
then layers - merge down the pattern onto the window seat.

Again grab your magic wand tolerance 10, hold down shift key
and click inside the door handles. Promote to a selection layer -
Selections None. Adjust - Brighness/Contrast at 15 then
Adjust - Hue/Saturation/Lightness - settings of:
Hue 10 / Saturation 20 / Lightness 0
Drop Shadow: 0/0/60/4/Black
Layers - merge down onto window seat.

•Copy and paste your garland as a new layer resize at 65 percent
cut of excess using your point to point tool and place
on the top part of the curtain.
Adjust - Hue/Saturation/Lightness - settings of:
Hue 10 / Saturation 20 / Lightness 0 and Sharpen
Drop Shadow: 1/0/30/3/#001281
•Copy and paste holly as a new layer resize at 35 percent
Drop Shadow: 1/2/40/3/Black
•Copy and paste your tube as a new layer...I resized mine at 70 percent -
Sharpen - Drop Shadow: 1/2/40/4/#404040
•Copy and paste rug as a new layer resize at 85 percent, bring underneath
the window seat layer (refer to mine)
•Copy and paste tree as a new layer on top of the tube layer resize at 85 percent
Adjust - Sharpness - Unsharp Mask: Radius 2 / Strength: 20 / Clipping: 5
•Copy and paste paste teddy bear as a new layer resize at 25 percent
Drop Shadow: 1/2/55/4/#202020
•Copy and paste xmas presents as a new layer and resize at 80 percent
Drop Shadow: 1/2/40/4/#202020
•Copy and paste holly that's on the teddy bears tube as a new layer resize at 45 percent
and duplicate as many times. Drop Shadow: 1/2/55/3/#202020
•Copy and paste scroll as a new layer - Mirror - resize at 15 percent
and place underneath your tube layer. Take Raster Deform Tool and angle
it like mine. Go to Effects - Texture- Old Paper
Drop Shadow: 1/140/4/#202020

•Add text as a vector along with your name to your scroll at Size 6 - Sharp -
Leading: minus 0.325, Kern: minus 75 - color Black
Apply, then slightly angle onto the scroll, but I also played around with the
kerning and the the Object Selection Tool by squeezing it. Once satisfied
convert to a raster. Leave your text on it's own layer as you might want to
give this as a prezzie later with another name on it ;0)

•Open-up pens choose which one I picked the blank outline pen and resized
at 10 percent - sharpen, took magic wand tolerance 20, clicked inside
the pen add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color, gradient or pattern
of your choice and bring this below the outline pen - selections none
Now go back to outline pen and merge down to the color flood fill layer
Take your Raster Deform Tool and angle it like mine
You might want to sharpen for clarity
Drop Shadow: 0/0/40/3/#202020

•Copy and paste hot chocolate as a new layer resize at 15 percent
Drop Shadow: 1/1/40/4/#202020

•Copy and paste holly ribbon picture frame as a new layer resize at 30 percent
Using the magic wand tolerance 20 - click inside picture frame - Selections -
Modify 1. Copy and paste the Holiday Spirit image as a new layer resize 25%
position over the frame till you are satisfied then Selections - Invert - Delete -
Selections None and bring the image underneath the frame. Give the frame a
Drop Shadow: 1/2/40/3/#202020 - Merge down the frame onto the image layer
Place this frame above the Card Frame layer.

•Add your copyright. I put my copyright above the Picture Frame Layer


•Hide your layers except the Card Frame, the picture frame, copyright, and the
photo, merge visible, copy and paste into AS as a New Animation
and duplicate for a total of 10 frames and select all.

•Open-up in AS the Santas Sleigh - Select All (Ctrl A) - Copy - Edit - Paste into
Selected Frame (*see in screenshot 1) and paste again the Santa's
Sleigh in the same spot. This will make the Gif Darker.

Screen Shot 1

•Open-up in AS the Snow - Ctrl A - Edit - Paste into Selected Frame
(*see screenshot 2) onto the photo

Screen Shot 2

•Go back into PSP hide your Card Frame, picture frame, copyright, and photo
and unhide all your other layers (*see screenshot 3) - merge visible - copy
merged into AS as a new animation and duplicate for a total of 10 frames
Ctrl A - Copy - Edit - Paste Into Selected Frame -
Change Frame Properties to 26

Screen Shot 3

•Optimize - click on Customize - 255 Octree - Error Diffusion in customize
then click on Optimization tab and check Collapse Identical Frames
Click OK - SAVE...You're Done ;0)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Please feel free to contact me.
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This Tutorial was written on November 30, 2007
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
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past tutorials to gain my experience to create new designs.
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